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Welcome to Defender Finance, a Multi-chain, all new model algo - stable yield farming protocol, first launch on BSC network.
Defender Finance Algo-stable yield farming consists of the following tokens:
  • Sword ($SWD)
  • Shield ($SHD)

What makes Defender different from other algorithmic protocol?

Defender Finance is all about Ethereum!
All peg token in all chain will be pegged to 1 $ETH.
Why $SWD pegged to $ETH?
Ethereum is the biggest Layer 1 blockchain and Ethereum's Team has been keeping building their amazing works to build up Ethereum's usecases and values in the long term.
Defender Finance will be one of the usescases in Ethereum ecosystem. This protocol is aimed to bring a high-yield farming and sustainable growth in the long run with low investor effort demand.


Defi is risky!
Do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any projects. Investing in defi protocols is risky and may result in monetary loss.
By using Defender Finance, you agree that the Defender Finance team is not responsible for any financial losses from investing in Defender Finance nor do we promise any valuable returns now or in the future.
Defender Finance does not operate or control the contracts on the blockchain of this protocol, these are open and permissionless and we are unable to stop anyone from using the protocol directly from the blockchain. In using these contracts you acknowledge that you understand this and are complying with the laws of your local jurisdiction.
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