Genesis Launch on BSC

We first launched on BSC network.
Initially 0.001 $SWDB token will be minted on the contract creation so the devs can create the Pancake Swap LP pair (SWDB-ETH LP). As 0.001 $SWDB token is not enough to sustain any sort of trading activity the usual way to launch these protocols is to have a Genesis Pool where these tokens are distributed among the community in return for supplying liquidity to a Genesis Pool.
Genesis Pool Contract Address: 0xb9110fE75610d5C5E9A7EbF16dDD9B22E937D519

1. Genesis Pool (First 48hrs)

In the first 48hrs of launch, total 15 $SWDB tokens will be released. We intend to keep the pools specific and will only offer $ETH, $WBNB, $CAKE, $BUSD and $CHAM staking Pool. These 5 pools will be up for the whole 48hrs.
After the initial 12hrs period we will add the $SWDB-ETH LP token pool to allow stakers to begin adding LP liquidity. Weightings will be splitted between $ETH, $WBNB, $CAKE, $BUSD and $CHAM staking pools for the first 12hrs then will change to 30% total when we add the $SWDB-ETH LP pool. The LP pool will have 70% weighting for the remain 36hrs.
Emergency withdraw fund from Genesis Pool will be charged all the un-claimed rewards. The un-claimed rewards will go to the Pool and distribute among the existing stakers.
There is NO FEE of depositing & withdrawal in all Pools of Genesis Pool
Weightings: $ETH (25% for first 12hrs then 5% after), $WBNB (25% for first 12hrs then 5% after), $CAKE (12.5% for first 12hrs then 5% after), $BUSD (12.5% for first 12hrs then 5% after), $CHAM (25% for first 12hrs then 10% after), $SWDB-ETH LP (70%) for remaining 36hrs.
Total Rewards: 15 $SWDB tokens
  • User Rewards: 75 %
  • Protocol Owned Liquidity: 15%
  • Dev fund: 10%
SWDB token Contract Address:
Genesis Pools
SWDB Allocation (First 12 hours)
SWDB Allocation (Remain 36 hours)
Single Stake ETH
Single Stake WBNB
Single Stake CAKE
Single Stake BUSD
Single Stake CHAM

2. Depot (Farm) Open

Depot will open after Genesis Closes
Users stake fund (SWDB-ETH LP/ SHDB-WBNB LP/ CHAM-WBNB LP) to earn $SHD tokens
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3. Citadel (ROI contract) Open

Citadel will open after Genesis Closes
Users bond their $SWDB-ETH LP to mint CL token and earn 365% of all deposits and subsequent compounds over the contract's lifetime.
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3. Fortress (Boardroom) Open

Fortress will open for pre-stake 12 hours after Depot opens and start distributing CLB rewards 24 hours after Depot opens.
Users stake funds ($SHD) into Fortress to earn rewards
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